Military Capibilities

     EMW has proven itself as a reliable source for designing and manufacturing circuit cards, wiring harnesses, electronic cables, and other electromechanical assemblies and is constantly adding to its list of capablilities.  Posessing an agressive business attitude with a willingness to take on new challenges, EMW has been successfull in widening its range of expertise.  As a result the company has moved to the forefront among industry as a dependable supplier of high quality electronic systems such as instrument and control panels, specialized mobile lighting systems, electronic test sets and integrated audio / video monitoring systems.


     Although electronic and electromechanical manufacturing comprises the majority of in-house work performed at EMW, the company has recently increased its manufacturing cabibility to compliment it's existing expertise.  Electric welding machines and experienced operators have been added for welding and fabricating all types of steel and aluminum and all welders are certified to meet the requirments of MIL-W-8604 and MIL-STD-278.  By implementing metal fabrication, EMW has been able to persue business which previously fell outside of their realm of expertise.

     Another capability EMW has grown into is the production and integration of specialized optical lenses.  Involvment in building the Glide Slope Indicator adn Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System, Navy programs, prompted EMW to purchase high technology machinery and test equipment to produce the Fresnel and Lenticular lenses.  The move established EMW as the only qualified supplier of these unique optical lenses in the world.


     In order to meet all of its manufacturing needs EMW posesses a wide range of test, inspection, electronic assembly, and manufacturing equipment.  A complete list is available upon request.


     The financial stability of EMW coupled with its optimistic managment team enables new business opportunities to be consitantly explored.  This proven approach toward business guarentees growth of EMW in size, sales and expertise.







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